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Shell is one of the largest foreign investors in Singapore and began operations in 1891. Today, we have more than 3,200 employees in Singapore alone. The Pulau Bukom Manufacturing Site today is the largest Shell refinery in the world in terms of crude distillation capacity, which makes Singapore a key regional supply and trading centre for Shell in the East. Singapore is the largest petrochemical production and export centre in the Asia Pacific region. Shell Jurong Island (SJI) manufactures petrochemicals to meet the fast-growing demand for these products in the region. We also have one of the largest single-branded retail networks in Singapore, providing customers with a wide range of quality products and services. When you join Shell in Singapore, you can count on our commitment to help you thrive and propel your career by means of our industry-leading development programme and our available and unrivalled pool of local and global experts. Our numerous global and local skill pools as well as our diversity are key to our success and continuing innovation. 



The Shell Maintenance Technician Scholarship is for Singapore Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Higher Nitec students who have an interest in pursuing a career in the energy industry. With a strong emphasis on people and skills development. The Maintenance Technician Scholarship is an avenue for Shell to offer career and financial support to students who have shown that they are enthusiastic and able to contribute to the planning and execution of maintenance processes in Shell.


The programme consists of 2 stages and successful candidates will need to adhere to

Shell Sponsorship Terms & Conditions:
Stage 1: Full-time Studies until Graduation + Industrial Attachment:-
During your studies, you will receive the following benefits:

  • S$7,000 per annum of Higher Nitec studies (up to 2 years) *
  • Invitations to scholar management activities e.g. on-site events, visits to Shell manufacturing sites
  • Practical on-site experience via a compulsory, assessed and paid Industrial Attachment (IA) with Shell during your December vacation period
    • You will be paid during your IA according to Shell guidelines.
    • Please note that the IA is a mandatory requirement of the Shell Maintenance Technician Scholarship. Thus, students that do not participate in the Industrial Attachment will be considered as opting out of the scholarship and will be liable for repayment of the scholarship amount to Shell.
  • Mentorship during your IA will continue throughout school and your mentor will meet and connect with you on a quarterly basis.

Your strong performance in Stage 1 could result in you being offered a full-time role upon your graduation. Progression in Stage 2 is thus dependent on your performance in Stage 1.
*Note: All successful applicants will receive a maximum of S$14,000 within the 2 years of their studies.  Payment are made to successful students in 2 stages:-

  • S$3,500 x 2 are paid to the 1st year successful students end of each semester.
  • S$7,000 are paid to the successful scholar upon joining Shell.

Stage 2: Post-Graduation and Full-Time Employment
After completion of your studies, the successful students will join as a Shell Maintenance Technician Scholar with the following:  

  • Functional on-the-job training for skills development
  • Potential accreditation opportunities
  • Structured career progression

You are expected to work with Shell for a minimum of 2 years to gain an in-depth understanding of your role and develop the relevant skill sets.  Should you not able to complete this 2-year bond, you will be required to return the scholarship amount.


  • ITE Higher Nitec students pursuing either Electrical or Mechanical Engineering 
  • Female candidates are expected to join Shell upon graduation, according to business needs and availability.
  • Male graduates will join upon completion of their National Service.  

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